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If you are searching for waterproofing experts in Pune you are at the right place. Wet2Dry solution Pvt Ltd began providing waterproofing and water tightening services all over Pune back in 2010 since then we have served 1000s of happy clients. The aim behind launching waterproofing services in Pune was to serve home buyers and renters facing wall leakage, ceiling dampness, bathroom leakage, ceiling leakage, etc in Pune.

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Permanent Waterproofing Solution

We believe that if waterproofing is done with proper observaton and follow up we can achieve that 100% result. Blindly breakng, injecting or even applying chemical wont help.

What is waterproofing and how does it work?

Waterproofing is an application of a waterproofing membrane onto the substrate to avoid water penetration. Though there are many types of waterproofing materials and techniques, the waterproofing experts will do a prior inspection of the damaged area to select the right choice of material and the method for best results.

Right from the basement to the roof, the homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions like heat, cold, rain, wind, storm, and floods. This leads to the formation of cracks, holes, wet spots, stains, bulging of paint, and mold growth on the house's interior and exterior walls. To address this issue, it is necessary to waterproof the home in three ways. It may be,

  • At the time of construction
  • At the time of leakages or repair and
  • At the renovation

Our unique waterproofing Kum water tightening process

Authorized waterproofing services in Pune

Most of the people who face wall dampness or ceiling leakage firstly approach their society and get the work done but when it fails they google "waterproofing solution near me" or "waterproofing contractor near me" and get a waterproofing process done with the cheapest waterproofing applicator available. Most of them end up breaking the interior to find the leakage or blindly apply a waterproofing chemical.

What people actually need those are facing with dampness and seepage issue, is a scientific approach towards waterproofing. Rather than blindly conducting a pressure grouting to block the seepage or applying a damp guard to hide the dampness is not the permanent solution. The permanent solution is to find the root cause and water tighten the leakage. Most of the time this process is forgotten. Building waterproofing often needs to be solved by finding the root cause and working on it. With proper monitoring.

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What people get wrong about stoping wall dampness or ceiling leakage?

In the waterproofing sector, there is a trend going of chemical injection and chemical application to solve the leakage and dampness issue. Most of our customer when contacting us they directly ask I want to do a chemical injection process to stop my wall leakage. Now, this is the main thing we are trying to bring a difference off. People rather than explaining their issue directly suggest us to conduct a chemical waterproofing process. This should not be your attitude towards wall dampness and ceiling leakage. It is like you have a stomach ache, you go to your doctor and you don't even bother explaining to him what is your problem but directly asking for headache treatment. But will a headache treatment solve your stomach ache? No right that is what you are doing with your home. You are not even trying to understand what is your home suffering from that is causing the wall dampness and seepage issue.

Get a home inspection done by us today before conducting a waterproofing process.

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Professional Thermal survey In Pune

We are one among the best waterproofing Contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi (Opening Shortly) offering effective & Affordable solutions
to all leakage problems

Concrete waterproofing,wall Dampness, Leakage service in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Waterproofing Solutions

Wet2dry solutions pvt. ltd. is a leading waterproofing company serving pune, mumbai, Pune, Delhi (Opening Shortly). We waterproof concrete walls, floors and decks. We provide all necessary waterproofing services at the start on walls and roofs to avoid unnecessary remedial repair in the future

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Seepage Solutions in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Seepage Solutions

The first step in foundation sanitary engineering is to identify the source of the leak in your wet basement. this can usually be accomplished by consulting with the homeowner to determine how, when, and where the problem occurs.

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Leakage Solutions/ contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Leakage Solutions

Our organization is one of the leading and most promising traders and suppliers of an exclusive range of water leakage solution. our organization has developed a strong business rapport with various tank and wall mesh vendors in the industry

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Thermographic survey / Imaging before buying a new home

Thermographic Survey

An infrared thermal survey / Thermographic Survey is a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a building. Our thermographic surveys can provide extremely useful information about the thermal properties of your building.

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Bathroom Waterproofing/ leakage Service

Bathroom Sanitation

We are specialized in Complete Bathroom waterproofing , bathroom back flow water testing and removing technology. we offers a complete bathroom sanitation service as a part of overall home wet2dry solution we are promising you the fully water proofed and water tightened living space.

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Annual Thermographic survey for quality assurance

Annual Thermographic Survey

Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also offers Annual Thermographic Survey. In this we will take care of all kind of waterproofing problems occurs in common passage of society, water tank, swimming pools, terrace.

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Annual Thermographic survey for quality assurance

Painting services

Wet2dry solutions PVT LTD offers organized, professional interior, industrial, and exterior quality painting. Wet2dry solutions are one of the best painting service provider in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Start taking care of your bathroom, to prevent bathroom leakage in the future.

Bathroom waterproofing solutions in Bangalore

Well, when was the last time you had serviced your vehicle? Might be before 3 months or 5 months. We use our vehicle every day to get to places and if the vehicle is not maintained properly the vehicle won't give the best of its performance. There will be huge damages done which will cost you more than a normal regular vehicle service. The same applies to your bathroom, we use our bathroom daily and we all know water is a natural eroder. Most of our bathrooms are with material that gets eroded by water. Like cement, M-seal, Pop, etc all these materials get eroded by most of the time these material gets eroded by 3-4 years. Water is a substance that travels towards gravity. As the material starts eroding there will be the formation of micro milly gaps between tiles and other parts of the bathroom through which water will travel and eventually cause bathroom tile leakage and other dampness.

After people start panicking about their interior getting spoiled and start searching for waterproofing experts and trying what, not from dampproofing to anti-fungal paint. Ara if there is no water in the building structure from where will the fungal come and attack your beautiful walls. So stop assuming the problem without a proper study and doing the waterproofing. We are the professional bathroom waterproofing experts in Pune.

Call us now and let us identify the issue and solve your problem. Let our bathroom waterproofing expert team handle your problem professionally.

Are you worried about your terrace leakage? Our secret behind quality terrace waterproofing.

Terrace waterproofing services in Bangalore

Most of the people when they face a wall dampness issue or any waterproofing issue they directly approach a local plumber, waterproofing applicator, or a painter. The most ridiculous moment is when they suggest them to apply a chemical blindly or completely break the interior to detect the issue that is causing the wall dampness this, not the best solution that should be suggested by any waterproofing service provider. This is a process that lacks sense. Trying to solve an issue that is not properly studied is the most unsensible way of dealing with the issue. This not only wastes the time and money of the client but decreases the hope of the client whether the issue can be solved or not. The question that is asked to us by our customers is how are you so confident about your process. The answer lies within our process. The basic step towards solving wall dampness and ceiling leakage is to find out what's causing the issue. To detect the issue we found a unique technique of inspection which can be further studied to find out what is causing the issue. We work towards that observation that was collected during the time of home inspection.

Quality terrace waterproofing chemical

We always choose quality waterproofing products that last long and can survive all types of climate.

We don't do patchy terrace waterproofing

Most of the time customers ask us to do patchwork which will result in 100% terrace leakage in the future. Your terrace leakage is not stopped until you do the whole terrace waterproofing and water tightening work. Our terrace waterproofing cost is a little bit high when compared to others. This is because we provide a quality coat which is a permanent solution which will last at least for the next 5 t 7 years.

We don't mix water in our waterproofing chemicals

As we mentioned in the above point our terrace waterproofing cost is a little bit high when compared to others this is because we provide a high-quality coat without adding a single drop of water because this affects the chemical coating density.

And what if your terrace is full of tiles?

Water leakage through terrace tile

Welcome to the reality and it is going to hurt. To solve terrace leakages with tiles you might have to completely remove your beautiful tiles and do a proper waterproofing coating and re-apply your tile of course a new one because old tiles will be broken in the process be. Well even after that your worries won't be over because you have to regularly maintain it every 6 months. We say let your terrace be a normal terrace than a huge expense and a small headache. But if this huge expense and a small headache won't matter to you, it is possible we never say no to our customer that is one our quality. Read our article on Why tiling your terrace is a bad idea?

Frequently asked questions regarding Dr Fixit Services and products

We are not at all related to Dr. Fixit or promoting their product these are some of the question asked by the customers who contact us.

What does Dr. Fixit Products do?

It is used as an additive for cement concrete, mortar, and plasters, enhancing the cement properties to act as a waterproof coating on the applied surface. This helps to protect it from rusting, cracks, mold growth, water leakages, and stains.

The Dr. Fixit Products used at the time of repair/renovation are,

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW +

Water leakage through terrace tile

This is Used for roof waterproofing that improves workability, avoids crack, and prevents concrete from corrosion. LW+ is used in all areas of the home with concrete, plaster, and mortar. For every 50 kg of cement, you need to mix 200 ml of LW+. This Pidiproof solution is Rs.40 for 200 ml.

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

Water leakage through terrace tile

This co-polymer latex liquid is suitable for roof waterproofing. It strengthens the old and the new concrete structure and provides water-resistance to the repair mix - concrete and mortar. The value is Rs.85 for 200 grams.

Dr.Fixit Roof seal Flex

Water leakage through terrace tile

This is also used for roof waterproofing with its high-performance acrylic polymers modified cementitious coating. It creates an excellent bond and good elasticity with the roof slab. The box of 13 kg is worth Rs. 1875.

Dr. Fixit Crack X Shrink free

Water leakage through terrace tile

This Fiber-reinforced waterproofing solution is right to use for Internal wall waterproofing. It has a strong adhesion towards the cement surface, flexible, nonshrinking, and provides good water resistance. The cost of 350 ml of this solution is Rs.160.

Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K

Water leakage through terrace tile

This is for waterproofing the bathroom, which has an elastomeric coating, strong adhesion to concrete and masonry, and can be used in all wet areas. This mixture is CFTRI certified and safe to use in potable / drinking water tanks. It's easy to apply, and the cost of 3 kg is Rs. 470.

Dr. Fixit New coate

Water leakage through terrace tile

This is for Roof Waterproofing, which uses advanced technology for UV resistance and a three-coat system each of 1mm film thickness. There is no breaking of roofs in this procedure, and the price of 4 liters is Rs.1485. Almost the same products above are also used at the construction time except for Dr. Fixit Crack X Shrinkfree. Instead, Dr. Fixit NewCoat Ezee product is used.

Dr. Fixit Newcoat Ezee

Water leakage through terrace tile

This product is used for roof waterproofing and preventive waterproof coating. It is UV Resistant and foot traffic-able. The cost of 1 liter is Rs. 375. The specific areas at home are to be waterproofed for a pleasant and healthy home environment.


roof waterproofing services in Bangalore

The roof or an open terrace is the spot that gets directly exposed to harsh weather conditions like sunlight, rain, and wind. This damages the roof surface, and the water seeps right into the interior of the home. The solution to this is Dr.Fixit Roof seal and Dr. Fixit Roof seal Flex, which are excellent waterproofing membranes used over the affected surface.


Bathroom waterproofing services in Bangalore

It's the place which gets mostly wet daily and easily prone to water damages. The solution is using Dr. Fixit Bath's seal range of products for 100% leak-free. Make sure to waterproof the bathroom at the time of construction because, after construction, it takes more time and cost to repair and waterproof it.


Foundation waterproofing solution in Bangalore

It's an important area where waterproofing is a must because water may penetrate the basement due to the soil moisture, high water table, or heavy floods. It completely ruins the foundation basement, which in worst cases, may collapse the building. The solution to this problem is to use Dr. Fixit solyseal as a waterproofing barrier for foundations and plinth.


Building waterproofing in solutions in Bangalore

The construction materials like cement may expand and contract due to the climatic conditions and lead to crack formation in plaster and the concrete surface. The solution uses LW + integral waterproofing at the time of construction, which enhances and modifies the cement properties for water-resistance.

Water tanks

Undergroung tank waterproofing services in Bangalore

Water tanks store water daily and easily get cracks, mold growth, or stains. The solution to this problem is using waterproof coating in overhead and underground water tanks.

External Walls

Wall waterproofing services in Bangalore

The external walls get directly exposed to rain, heat, and other weather conditions, which leads to crack formation, wet spots, damp floors, and mildew growth. So, the solution for this external wall damages is using Dr. Fixit Rain coat, which acts as a water barrier and decorative.

Always consult the professional for getting suggestions in choosing the products and services.

Why does it matter?

Professional Home Inspection In Pune

Lack of waterproofing solution causes wall dampness and ceiling leakage which increases the humidity in the room. By making it humid, the leakage and seepage decrease the temperature in our living room. Water seepage can lead to the growth of mold, causing serious damage and problems with air quality. We discovered from our research that the walls of very flat are up to 3ft wet. Within your living area from the floor. Your family's health is at peril. Especially if you have a newborn in your home or an asthma patient. So it is really a serious matter that should be solved as quickly as possible. This even affects your house quality as the wetness caused by waterproofing leakage will affect the structure of the house. This dampness causes the formation of fungus in the interior of the wall which is really bad for our health. Instead of wiping it off and leaving it, it is safer to figure out the root cause of your house's wall dampness or source of excess moisture content, so that the issue does not return.

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