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Bathroom wterproofing services

People prefer to buy new homes to enjoy ownership and realize its appreciation value over time. In recent years, the real estate sector is booming and expects to contribute nearly 13% to the country's GDP by 2025. Before buying a new home, a thorough bathroom waterproofing inspection is critical to uncover any significant or minor issues. The home inspectors mainly look for hidden water damages and potential hazards that may ruin the entire building structure. So, Waterproofing every area of your home has become an inevitable one to protect the house from water devastation.

Waterproofing any building has become one of the essential aspects because it maintains the aesthetic value of the building and increases the structural life. It is an effective bathroom waterproofing process that is designed to prevent water penetration into the structure. This process can be done by using different waterproofing materials based on the needs and requirements of the customers. Generally, extensive waterproofing measures are taken at the time of construction to the various parts of the building. It can also be done after the installation is built to address any emerging bathroom waterproofing issues or during the building renovation projects.

Bathroom waterproofing services

Do you know the significant wet area of your home? Yes. Exactly, It's your bathroom. This is a place where moisture is a constant factor and has to be repaired or remodeled often by hiring a bathroom waterproofing services provider. Hiring a qualified waterproofer is a tedious one, but it's worth it. Make sure to check for bathroom waterproofing license, warranty details, and quotations before assigning the project to a contractor.

Bathroom Waterproofing Cost

Though the exact cost of the bathroom waterproofing services vary according to the area, the extent of water damages, waterproofing procedure, and location, the rough figures are:

1. For an Average size Bathroom, the cost is INR 10,615/- to INR 25,231/-.

2. For larger size/ wet / second-floor bathrooms, the waterproofing rate may be higher.

The Advanced Sealing System :

In recent times, traditional liquid waterproofing can be replaced with an easy and effective solution - The sealing system based on elastic foam technology. The advantages of using this self-adhesive sealing technology are:

1) They are preferred by most waterproofing professionals to save time during the installation ( can hold up to 2 hours of drying time ).

2) Provides a high adhesive force instantly.

3) Gives a 100% watertight warranty.

4) The material has a high elasticity that prevents cracking.

5) No additional liquid sealing is used and hence can avoid moisture damages due to improper installation.

6) This sealing system offers water tightness for almost 10 years.

7) Any surface can be sealed like ceramic tiles, wood, concrete screeds, etc., using this self-adhesive technology.

Concrete ceilings won't crack easily. But if it happens, it indicates severe structural problems in the building and needs immediate attention. Usually, for chipped or cracked concrete, a quality epoxy waterproofing compound is used for sealing it. The prices may vary depending on the water damage caused by ceiling leakage and how the leak is located easily.

Tips for designing And Waterproofing In Bathroom

Bathroom waterproofing cost

1) Pay attention to choosing suitable inorganic materials such as stone, metal, ceramic, porcelain tile, or plastic, instead of organic materials like wood, jute, or bamboo. This helps a bathroom to resist moisture and requires less maintenance in the future.

2) Hire a professional for plumbing pipe installation to avoid unnecessary water damages due to bathroom leakage.

3) Installing a high-capacity bathroom exhaust fan helps to expel the moisture which is built inside the bathroom we also make sure toilet waterproofing is done at the same time.

4) Using tiles like ceramic or porcelain on the walls and floors of the bathroom will be effective as it will be impervious to the effects of water.

5) Tight-fitting baseboards are used, and that is caulked at the top and bottom of it to keep the water from seeping into the walls and subfloors.

6) Always ensure that the shower or the bathtub is Professionally installed, especially in the case of custom tile shower and shower pan. This ensures it is watertight and leak-free.

7) Seal all the cracks and holes of the bathroom using a silicone-based bathroom grade caulk.

8) The semi-gloss or glossier paints ward off any splashes and keep the walls clean and durable.

9) Usage of waterproofed boards in the bathroom adds value to the property and amplifies your happiness by providing a leak-free and damp-free area with a highly contemporary design.

10) Using bath mats and shower curtains helps to reduce the dampness inside the bathroom.

11) Regular maintenance like fixing cracks and gaps, painting walls and ceiling tile seams help keep the bathroom leakage repair in good condition.

Easy Bathroom Waterproofing procedure :

Step A: Clean the work area with jet sprays to remove the dirt, dust, and greases.

Step B: Now, do a small strip test to check the bonding strength between the surface and the waterproofing material. If it is not sticking correctly, spray a primer before the application.

Step C: Cover all the bathroom corners with the waterproofing material first using a smoothing tool.

Step D: Now, cover the applied corners with sealing tape.

Step E: Check the plumbing fittings and make sure to cover them before applying the waterproofing membrane on walls.

Step F: It's time to apply the waterproofing membrane from top to bottom on the walls and make sure that the membrane is used correctly and without any air bubbles. Make sure you waterproofing bathroom floor before tiling.

Purchasing a dream home is one of the most significant milestones for most families. Other than the long-term investment, people feel secure, safe, and happy in their living environment. So, preserve your home like a treasure by using the latest waterproofing technologies and lead a peaceful life.

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