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All You Need To Know About Bathroom Leakage And Bathroom Waterproofing

Have you ever noticed wet patches on the wall or leakage on the ceiling? These types of leakages exist all over the year not only during the rainy seasons but throughout the years. In this scenario sometimes your bathroom leakage might be the culprit.

A leaking bathroom is like a time bomb that is about to explode. Water leakage from the bathroom happens at a real slow pace from the moment you start to use the bathroom. Bathroom leakage cannot be predicted by a normal human eye there should be a proper thermography survey to be conducted before doing the bathroom waterproofing process. So in this article, we will be discussing:

1) How do walls get affected due to bathroom leakage?

2) How to understand which bathroom is leaking in your flat?

3) Will a bathroom waterproofing membrane help stop bathroom leakage?

4) Do low-quality tiles cause leakage in the bathroom?

5) How to detect internal bathroom leakage?

6) So what is the proven method to stop leakages from the bathroom?

7) Is bathroom waterproofing expensive?

How do walls get affected due to bathroom leakage?

No matter how much ever quality materials you use in your bathroom waterproofing process if your bathroom is not engineered technically and efficiently you are going to face a leakage in your home. The fact that you are facing dampness in your wall is your bathroom waterproofing is working 100% perfectly fine.

The whole aspect of waterproofing your bathroom is if incase in future your bathroom starts leaking and soaking the water should not be leaking to the below floor from the ceiling. But if the accumulated water is getting filled below your bathroom (bathroom sunk) and has nowhere to seep through the water starts to overflow causing water to leak into the walls and floor space under your tiles which results in capillary action on walls. Also, read "Why tiling your terrace is a Bad Idea?".

How to understand which bathroom is leaking in your flat?

Lots of waterproofing specialists, waterproofing experts and home inspection providers claim to have the technology to detect bathroom leakages in flats and homes. But lots of them fail when coming to detect sanitary seepage and sanitary leakage.

There are more than a hundred reasons a bathroom can leak, from IWC leakage, EWC Leakage, to minor leakages that can cost huge damages to your home. Detecting the leakage, understanding the leakage and rectifying the leakage requires years of expertise.

Thermal image cameras can help detect the leakage in your home but won't help point out the leakages. There are no cameras in the market to date while publishing this article that can pinpoint the root cause of leakage in the bathroom.

So, How Do Wet2dry Solutions Detect Bathroom Leakages?

Thermal imagine cameras make our home inspectors life easy while inspecting a bathroom leakage. But this doesn't mean that inspectors understand the bathroom leakage. The role of the home inspectors is to thoroughly inspect the home and share the data obtained during the home inspection process. The rest of the process is done by our data analysis and processing team.

They go through each and every image and point out any improper installation in the bathroom, properly study the building drainage systems, this process also helps in understanding the strength of the membrane in sunk of a bathroom. This is how a proper leak detection survey is done by our home inspectors.

Will a bathroom waterproofing membrane help stop bathroom leakage?

The answer is a big no and a yes. There is a question for you "Will a headache medicine help you to solve stomach ache" the answer is no. It is the same thing with your bathroom until proper treatment is not done in your bathroom no leakage will stop.

To avoid bathroom water leakages we should waterproof plumbing fittings, 100% watertighteng your bathroom, test the bonding once the bathroom waterproofing is done etc.

Do low-quality tiles cause leakage in the bathroom?

There is no proof that we found personally yet in any of our client's cases. Our bathroom tilers never reported a case where the tile was the culprit for the leakage. There is more possibility of water leaking through the grout of the tile than through the tiles. But tilers worldwide recommend laying quality tiles in the bathroom while constructing a new bathroom or renovating a bathroom.

Note: We don't say poor quality tiles never leak but we have never faced a scenario where poor quality tiles were the source of leakage.

How to detect internal bathroom leakage?

The hardest part in bathroom waterproofing or bathroom water tightening is the leak detection process. As explained in the "How Do Wet2dry Solutions Detect Bathroom Leakages?", more than the home inspector the people analysing and processing the data does all the heavy lifting in detecting internal bathroom leakage.

Conducting a plumbing gravity test will help in understanding whether there is a leakage in the plumbing section. We recommend hiring professional installers for installing all bathroom fittings we have found a tremendous amount of water leakage from improper installation of bathroom fittings.

The best thing is to hire a professional bathroom waterproofing expert who can help you both detect and solve the problem. Most of the waterproofing contractors and waterproofing companies go ahead directly to the waterproofing process and eventually it fails. So choose your waterproofing service provider wisely.

1) To understand if your bathroom is the reason you are facing wall dampness (paint peel off) and ceiling leakage which leads to the collapse of gypsum/plaster present on the ceiling try not to use the bathroom for a month and try using the secondary bathroom. If the leakage reduces you should understand the bathroom is the culprit. If you don't see any difference do vice versa. This method will 100% help you find which bathroom has a major leakage issue.

2) If your house has just a single bathroom the only possible way is to try it out when you leave your house for a long time like a month or two. Click a picture of dampness and mark the temperature of the affected area before leaving the home and after returning again do the same step you can compare both of the data and understand if the bathroom has any role in your home leakage.

So what is the proven method to stop leakages from the bathroom?

The proven method is to detect bathroom leakage and solve it. People should understand traditional liquid waterproofing, chemical injections on walls, and all the stone age waterproofing method fail when coming to modern bathroom leakages.

If your bathroom is leaking then, the whole bathroom should not be chemically treated from top to bottom. Rather understand what is the actual reason your bathroom is leaking, understand whether it is a sanitary seepage, a pipeline seepage or waterproofing defect. Applying some chemicals in the shower drain or fixing the drains and grouting the bathroom annually won't help.

Note Kindly: If your bathroom is leaking and a contractor is asking you to completely break the bathroom and do the waterproofing process don't do it until you are 100% sure most of our clients have done this before reaching out to us they lost both their time and money ant the process was a complete failure.

Is bathroom waterproofing expensive?

Yes, bathroom waterproofing is a bit expensive when compared to other waterproofing solutions, like basement waterproofing or tank waterproofing.

Yes, there are cheaper quotes available for bathroom waterproofing out there by waterproofing contractors but these don't last longer most of them come with an annual plan.

Bathroom waterproofing is not cheaper if someone offers you a cheap quote you can just expect the quality of the work they are going to provide you.

Why Wet2Dry Solutions bathroom waterproofing and water tightening is the best option for your home?

For bathroom waterproofing more than chemical application knowledge, technical knowledge is required and our trained professionals are technically skilled in bathroom waterproofing and detection doing it for years.

Wet2dry never applies a chemical until it is needed. We strictly prohibit blind chemical application. We are in the bathroom waterproofing and sanitary industry for more than a decade now. And there is no leakage that our technician was not able to fix. More than any product we believe in our team and they deliver you results. Preferred by professionals in the field of builders, architects and interior designers.

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