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Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is waterproofing contractors in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore that goes beyond wall waterproofing to give you a complete protection from water leakage and wall seepage through water tightening. The innovative technology developed by our dedicated team of R&D provides you with the ultimate solution for leakage/seepage problems. The company has an experience of over 15 years in providing waterproofing services. We also bring you unique technological solutions to cater to your house protection needs like Thermal Imaging Camera, Temperature Sensor, Walabot DIY (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor (Remove accumulate water from floor) and Quick Wall Dryer.


Wrong plumbing and sanitation impacts healthy life. Safe sanitation is a human right.
Do you want to get rid of leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water damage???
We are providing you with an innovative solution to all these problems-

Conventional Solution: WATER PROOFING

Waterproofing is the process of making a structure waterproof or water-resistant, so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. The conventional water proofing done at the top of RCC prevents the leek or seep of accumulated water from upper floor to down floor but does not solve your problem permanently.

“Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”s innovative solution: “WATER TIGHTENING”

Out water tightening technology protects your home from seepage and leakage just like an air tight container protects food from getting spoiled. Unlike water proofing which requires periodical monitoring our unique technology requires only one time investment.

Your house is in trouble, if you have:

  • Wall Dampness
  • Wall Fungi
  • Paint Peel out
  • Seepage
  • Leakage

Does it matter?

The leakage and seepage lowers the temperature in our living room by making it humid. . Water seepage can lead to mould growth, causing significant damage and air quality issues. From our study we found the walls of every flat are wet up to 3ft. from the floor inside your living area. The health of your family is at peril.

What do people do if they find seepage issues in the flat?

People use to call Waterproofing Contractors
Or plumbers
Or civil Engineers
Or Architects

How do these people help you?

1) The waterproofing people can have only one solution- apply/ inject the chemicals .this can help only that place to dry out but the water can find other way to seep out where the source of gravity is available.

2) The plumbers can sort out the plumbing solutions in your flat not seeping/leakage issues

3) Others suggest the clients to do renovations like changing floor tiles, changing fittings and tiles of the washrooms, repainting and re-waterproofing etc. It costs nearly Rs 50, 000/- to Lacs. But the issue will not be resolved permanently. Within a year the same issues will pop-up. Why? They treated the disease not the cause of it.

But “Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” is finding the root cause of the problem by our sophisticated tools and innovative technologies and giving you with a permanent solution. We guarantee that seepage/ leakage disappears for ever and assuring you a healthy environment in your living space.
Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides you a complete solution:
We suggest proper solution for wall dampness, wall fungal, wall paint peel out, seepage and leakage problems
We help you to find root cause of problems.
We stop the leakage.
We protect your house by water tightening.
We help you to solve the problem once and for all so that any leakage or seepage does not bother you again.


over 15 years combined experience








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