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Waterproofing Contractors in pune

Welcome to Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt Ltd launches a best and reliable seepage solution to all the customers who feel their house needs to be water-tightened to shield their walls from getting damp.

The motive behind launching our service is only to benefit all the flat owners and protect their home from various health problems due to seepage – which is seen in most of the societies and various interlinked flats, symptoms such as wall dampness / paint peel –out, seen in and around our living area.

We have the ultimate solution to all these issues, as we have an upgraded and professional team to serve you better. The work that we would undertake would be covered under 3 year warranty once the respective builder hands over the possession to the flat owner.

Introduction to Water-tightening: - Process would be 20% Chemical and 80% Mechanical
Water-tightening is a process done in washrooms to protect the adjacent walls /below flat ceilings getting damp due to capillary reaction or waste water percolating to below flats causing inconvenience to the residents.

The offer launched would be beneficial for a longer period as long as the flat owner does not renovate his or her washrooms.

Kindly note: - We do not include external rain water issues and would not be covered under our 3 year warranty.

Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is waterproofing contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram that goes beyond wall waterproofing to give you a complete protection from water leakage and wall seepage through water tightening. The innovative technology developed by our dedicated team of R&D provides you with the ultimate solution for leakage/seepage problems. The company has an experience of over 25 years in providing waterproofing services. We also bring you unique technological solutions to cater to your house protection needs like Thermal Imaging Camera, Temperature Sensor, Walabot DIY (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor (Remove accumulate water from floor) and Quick Wall Dryer.

25 years in providing waterproofing services

with over 25 years of experience, we’re the trusted choice for all of your waterproofing needs.

High-Quality Waterproofing Products

unique technological solutions to cater to your house protection needs like Thermal Imaging Camera, Temperature Sensor, Walabot DIY (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor and Quick Wall Dryer.

Comprehensive and Efficient Solutions

From interior systems to exterior solutions, we can waterproof your home from the inside out for ultimate protection.

We are bestWe have most talented people in team

30 year Experience

7000Happy Clients

Best waterproofing Contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Ernakulam...

Wrong plumbing and sanitation impacts healthy life. Safe sanitation is a human right.

Do you want to get rid of leaky roof, seepage, wall dampness, wall fungal, and water damage?

We are providing you with an innovative solution to all these problems WATER TIGHTENING Conventional Solution: WATER PROOFING Waterproofing is the process of making a structure waterproof or water-resistant, so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions. The conventional water proofing done at the top of RCC prevents the leek or seep of accumulated water from upper floor to down floor but does not solve your problem permanently.

“Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”s innovative solution: “WATER TIGHTENING” Out water tightening technology protects your home from seepage and leakage just like an air tight container protects food from getting spoiled. Unlike water proofing which requires periodical monitoring our unique technology requires only one time investment.

Your house is in trouble, if you have:
  • Wall Dampness
  • Wall Fungi
  • Paint Peel out
  • Seepage
  • Leakage

Does it matter?

The leakage and seepage lowers the temperature in our living room by making it humid. . Water seepage can lead to mould growth, causing significant damage and air quality issues. From our study we found the walls of every flat are wet up to 3ft. from the floor inside your living area. The health of your family is at peril.

What do people do if they find seepage issues in the flat?

People use to call Waterproofing Contractors Or plumbers Or civil Engineers Or Architects

How do these people help you?

  • The waterproofing people can have only one solution- apply/ inject the chemicals .this can help only that place to dry out but the water can find other way to seep out where the source of gravity is available
  • The plumbers can sort out the plumbing solutions in your flat not seeping/leakage issues
  • Others suggest the clients to do renovations like changing floor tiles, changing fittings and tiles of the washrooms, repainting and re-waterproofing etc. It costs nearly Rs 50, 000/- to Lacs. But the issue will not be resolved permanently. Within a year the same issues will pop-up. Why? They treated the disease not the cause of it.

But “Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” is finding the root cause of the problem by our sophisticated tools and innovative technologies and giving you with a permanent solution. We guarantee that seepage/ leakage disappears for ever and assuring you a healthy environment in your living space

Best home inspection providers in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Ernakulam...

We recommend a professional home inspection done before buying a home or renting a home or even doing an interior of the home to avoid future damages due to waterproofing issues.

Why we recommend a fullhome inspection before buying or renting a home?

We recommend a thorough home inspection before buying or renting a home is because with more than 30+ years of experience in the field of waterproofing we have come over a lot of customers that didn't take a home inspection before buying or renting a home. Because of this the buyers and the renters of the house face leakage and seepage issues just after 6 months of possession. This happens due to the lack of home inspection. If a home inspection was done they could have been informed about the quality of the house and could have done a rectification before moving. This could have helped them save money and time. Sadly most of the new home buyers and renters of India are not aware of home inspection and the benefits of home inspection. They could have already covered the maintenance, waterproofing, or water tightening expenses during the purchasing with the help of a professional home inspection.

Why A professional home inspection is compulsary before renovating your home?

Renovating a home is a big investment this will increase your home value but renovating a home is a big process it should be well planned because it is going to be a permanent one at least for the next 10 years. But most of the homes nowadays get affected by wall dampness, ceiling seepage just after 6 months of renovation this happens because of lack of data regarding the building. The best solution for this is to conduct a professional home inspection before remodeling your home. A professional home inspection will help you to rectify the problems when you do the remodeling of your home. A home inspection will help you to find out what things are meant to be repaired in the home which cannot be detected by a normal human eye. A home inspection can save lots of your money by even minimizing some major damages which may affect your home in the future. Call us now for a free consultancy.

Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.provides you a complete Waterproofing solution

  • We suggest proper solution for wall dampness, wall fungal, wall paint peel out, seepage and leakage problems
  • We help you to find root cause of problems.
  • We stop the leakage.
  • We protect your house by water tightening.
  • We help you to solve the problem once and for all so that any leakage or seepage does not bother you again.
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Waterproofing Contractors in Mumbai

Though Wet2Dry Solution started providing waterproofing services all over India in the early 2000s, we properly started providing waterproofing services in Mumbai in 2010. Since then, we have provided thousands of building waterproofing services in Mumbai. Providing waterproofing services all over India gave us the experience to solve all sorts of waterproofing problems face by Mumbaikars. When we started first serving in Mumbai, we were a little concerned about how they will accept us and our work process. But our customers accepted us wholeheartedly and confidently. That confidence helped us to serve our customers quality waterproofing.

The main problem that we noticed in the Mumbai waterproofing technique was, chipping and reapplying waterproofing process. This process involved chipping of the wet area inside the home and reapplying pop or other material. This was not a permanent solution because once the chipping and reapplying is done, the dampness appears after 3 - 6 months of chipping and reapplying the waterproofing process. Also, this was an expensive and costly process. This was not at all helping the customers as they had to redo the process every year.

We introduced our water tightening process to our Mumbai customers and explained to them how our process is a different one and a permanent one. Since then, we are successful in providing all waterproofing services.

Waterproofing Service

We are one among the best waterproofing Contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi (Opening Shortly) offering effective & Affordable solutions
to all leakage problems

Concrete waterproofing,wall Dampness, Leakage service in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Waterproofing Solutions

Wet2dry solutions pvt. ltd. is a leading waterproofing company serving pune, mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi (Opening Shortly). We waterproof concrete walls, floors and decks. We provide all necessary waterproofing services at the start on walls and roofs to avoid unnecessary remedial repair in the future

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Seepage Solutions in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Seepage Solutions

The first step in foundation sanitary engineering is to identify the source of the leak in your wet basement. this can usually be accomplished by consulting with the homeowner to determine how, when, and where the problem occurs.

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Leakage Solutions/ contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore

Leakage Solutions

Our organization is one of the leading and most promising traders and suppliers of an exclusive range of water leakage solution. our organization has developed a strong business rapport with various tank and wall mesh vendors in the industry

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Thermographic survey / Imaging before buying a new home

Thermographic Survey

An infrared thermal survey / Thermographic Survey is a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a building. Our thermographic surveys can provide extremely useful information about the thermal properties of your building.

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Bathroom Waterproofing/ leakage Service

Bathroom Sanitation

We are specialized in Complete Bathroom waterproofing , bathroom back flow water testing and removing technology. we offers a complete bathroom sanitation service as a part of overall home wet2dry solution we are promising you the fully water proofed and water tightened living space.

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Annual Thermographic survey for quality assurance

Annual Thermographic Survey

Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also offers Annual Thermographic Survey. In this we will take care of all kind of waterproofing problems occurs in common passage of society, water tank, swimming pools, terrace.

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Annual Thermographic survey for quality assurance

Painting services

Wet2dry solutions PVT LTD offers organized, professional interior, industrial, and exterior quality painting. Wet2dry solutions are one of the best painting service provider in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Recently Done Waterproofing Solutions

We are one among the best waterproofing Contractors in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi/Ernakulam and all over India offering effective & Affordable solutions
to all leakage problems

Mumbai Waterproofing Solutions

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  • Mahalaxmi Chambers Mulun east,Mumbai
  • Sajjan India Ltd. Lower parel Mumbai
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Pune Waterproofing Solutions

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  • Palm Breeze Pimple Saudagar Pune
  • Mirchandani palms Kokane chowk,Rahatani
  • Roya Residency Morwadi,Pune
  • Nano homes Ravet,Pune
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  • Pinnac Kanchannagar society Aundh,Pune
  • Teerth Towers Sus Road,Pune
  • Vinayak nagar Sus Road,Pune
  • Central bank Camp MG Road Pune
  • Ajanta Avenue, New Ajanta Avenue, Paud road, Kothrud Pune-411038
  • CITADET ENCLAVE BT Kawade Road , Ghorpodi Pune
  • Shreewoods Society Siddartha Nagar, Dhanori, Pune
  • Mount ‘N’ Glory Tulaja Bhawani Nagar, Near Eon IT park, Kharadi, Pune

Bangalore Waterproofing Solutions

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  • Sai Green Apt. Kalyan nagar Banglore
  • Perl Castle Chikka Banaswadi, Banaswadi,Banglore
  • Bens Royal woods Kanakshree layout,Hennur rd
  • Sierra sylabble Virupakshpura, Kodighalli post, Bangalore
  • Brigade Harmony Whitefield Prestige ozone Bangalore
  • Bel Layout Vidyaranyapura, No 147, 6 A , Main Road ,Bangalore
  • Vaswani Reserve Kaverappa Layout, Kudubeesanahalli, Bengaluru
  • Bel Layout Bel Layout, Vidyaranyapura,Bangalore
  • Indian Transport Company Opp Masjid –al-anbia Yousuf Manzil 4, 1st Main Road, Lakkasandra, Laljinagar, Bangalore

Delhi Waterproofing Solution

  • Friends colony Bharat Nagar Delhi
  • Lepton software export and research Pvt Ltd Gurgaon Delhi
  • Noida U.P Delhi

Hyderabad Waterproofing Solution

  • Laxmi Alaya apts. East Marred Pally Hydrabad
  • Laxmi Alaya apts East Marredpally secunderabad Hydrabad
  • Kapil Group Nanakramguda Hydrabad

Madhya Pradesh Waterproofing Solution

  • Som Distilleries Pvt.ltd. Bhopal

Kochi\Ernakulam Waterproofing Solution

  • Varghese Thittle Road KochuKadvanthra
  • Thiruvananthapuram International

Thiruvananthapuram Waterproofing Solution

  • Thiruvananthapuram International Airport
  • Parthas Textiles
  • KTDC museum Thiruvananthapuram
  • Triveni Nursing Home Vanchiyoor Thiruvananthapuram
  • Glasss & Glazing Systems Pvt Ltd Veli industrial estate, Kociveli, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Government Medical College Chalakkuzhi Thiruvananthapuram
  • Veli Boat Club
  • Trivandrum Tennis Club Kowdiar Thiruvananthapuram
  • Trivandrum Club Vazhuthacaud Thiruvananthapuram
  • Techno Park Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Hyderabad Waterproofing Solution

  • Maple Town Housing complex in Telangana.