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Exterior Painting Services

An exterior wall usually forms part of a building envelope that separates the living inside from that outside. Painting outside of the house represents us and our personalities to the visitors.

It not only adds beauty but increases the home value by nearly 55% return on investments while selling it. The other benefits would be, to prevent dust, debris, fungal growth, and water damage thereby enhancing the quality of air and living standards for a happy and peaceful life.

The most common types of exterior walls will be poured concrete, masonry, wood, stucco, metal, tile, vinyl, asphalt, synthetic or artificial stucco, and fibre cement. There are certain factors that have to be considered before choosing exterior paint. They are paint colours and paint coating for exterior walls, waterproof paint with low VOC and elongation qualities.

Our experienced and professional painters will help the customers in each step of the exterior painting service process. By doing so, you can save your time, and money as well as ensure that it is applied effectively for the best results.

Asian paints exterior painting services

Asian paints provide high-quality exterior painting services that shield the home with superior protection. Based on your budget and requirements, you can choose from any of their products like Ace, Apex, or ultima emulsions that have unique key features with amazing benefits.

Ace products: Ace spare colours, Ace advanced, Ace Shyne, Ace exterior emulsion, Ace Sparc and Ace Sparc advanced.

Key features: Affordable acrylic finish, wide shade range, water resistance, high sheen finish and advanced protection against all weather conditions.

Ultima products: Apex Ultima weatherproof, Apex ultima Protech duralife, Apex ultima Protech, Ultima stretch, Apex Ultima and Apex ultima Protek lamino.

Key features: Ultimate protection for all weather, lamination Walla exterior paint, stretchable paint that provides crack-free, dirt-free, antifungal, and anti-algal wall, clearcoat for stubborn stains, maximum warranty, fibre technology, rich sheen, crack bridging, and effective waterproofing.

Apex products: Apex Shyne dust proof, Apex advanced dust proof and Apex dust proof emulsion.

Key features: Dustproof technology, Matt finish, anti-algal warranty, high washability, excellent sheen and 5-year performance warranty.

In the Asian paints catalogue, you can discover the exterior paint colour combinations with codes, Asian paints exterior colour sheets, exterior paint colour combination images, Asian paints exterior shade cards and Asian paints colour combination photos.

Berger exterior painting services

Berger follows exterior painting service steps that help a customer to customize their needs based on their budget and their imagination. First, you need to select the right product based on the needs and the weather conditions of your home.

It has a wide range of durable exterior emulsions like weather coat long life 10, weather coat long life flexo, weather coat anti-dust, weather coat glow, walmasta glow, weather coat long life PU tile coat, and weather coat floor protector.

Next comes a paint calculator which helps to calculate the area to be painted and gives an estimated amount of paint required. Third, Imagine the perfect colour combinations and shades.

Fourth, they too have colour horoscopes which is an application that predicts the lucky colour of the current month. The fifth step is to strike the perfect balance between the colours and the emotions from the Berger palette. The final step is the express painting followed by a colour catalogue and the preview facility.

Altogether, Berger exterior painting services provide trained professionals, colour consultation, use of automated tools, gives accurate quotations, use of health-friendly products and complete sanitization for excellent outcomes.

Nippon exterior painting services

Nippon paint offers excellent exterior painting services with the latest techniques and experienced staff. They follow Pro standards, Pro safety measures, on-time work completion, expert colour consulting, accurate measurements, and the right choice of products and tools for extraordinary results.

Their popular brands are Durafresh Solo, weather bond PRO, Sumo Xtra, Atom 2-in-1, and weather bond advance HB. The key features of these products are unique lamination technology, toughness, durability, water and weather resistance, smooth matte finish, anti-peeling, and complete protection from dust and algae attacks. So, always choose the right exterior painting services that value time, cost, and quality.

Nerolac exterior painting services

Nerolac exterior paint has various ranges of exterior wall paints. Based on the luxury, premium or popular range, the products, and the key features differ. Some of the Nerolac products are, Nerolac excel mica marble stretch and sheen, Nerolac excel top guard, Nerolac excel anti-peel, Nerolac excel tile guard, Nerolac Suraksha sheen, Nerolac Suraksha dust resist and anti-algal formula, Nerolac Suraksha plus and Nerolac Suraksha acrylic exterior emulsion.

Its key features are, unique colour lock+ technology, luxury appearance, long-lasting performance, dust and algae resistance, waterproof, excellent flexibility, crack-bridging ability, and stretchable film technology.

Nerolac exterior painting services satisfy their customers with a new style guide, inspirational ideas, colour catalogues, healthy home painting options, and the required toolsets for fabulous results.

Dulux exterior painting services

Dulux exterior paints give double protection to the exterior of your home. The exterior walls are solidly protected against constant corrosion and detrimental impact. Also, they are crack-proof, fungus-proof, and rainproof and the cool technology lowers the exterior wall temperature by 5 degrees Celsius.

Dulux products: Dulux weather shield power flex, Dulux Weathershield max, Dulux weather shield alkali bloc primer, Dulux aquatech water block 2K, Dulux promise sheen exterior, Dulux exterior acrylic primer, Dulux simply refresh spray paint, Dulux simply refreshes wall filler, Dulux weather shield tile, and Dulux floorplus.

Key features: Excellent adhesion, high washability, quick-drying, super glossy finish, anti chalking, superior whiteness, chromabrite technology, excellent anti-alkali property, micro bond latex film, fungal guard, PU technology, an elastomeric film, excellent durability and elegantly textured finish.

Residential exterior painting services

Residential exterior painting makes the first impression in style. so it’s better to hire professional exterior painting services in and around your city for a free consultation. This saves your energy, time, and money, and brings your imagination into reality with a hassle-free experience. Now the process has become very easy by booking online for a site visit, laser measurements and accurate estimates, project initiation, final cleaning, and quality check.

Best paints for exterior wall painting

Generally, the exterior paint price is lesser than the paint that is meant for the interiors. It might range between Rs.10 to Rs.40 per Sq.ft., whereas the cost of interior paint is between Rs.20 to Rs.200 per Sq.ft. The best time of the year to paint the exterior of the house is early summer and early fall as the perfect weather conditions help the paint to go on smoothly and cure properly.

The home exterior colour which is most popular and highly preferred is the lighter and darker shades of grey as it gives a modern finished look to the home. The longest-lasting exterior paint is the acrylic one which is the most durable, flexible, and able to withstand all adverse weather conditions.

The texture paints help to conceal any dents, cracks, or disfigurements. The modern exterior wall texture that is most popular of the year are our brick wall texture design, classy fabric texture, stripes wall, marble finish, multi-material, flat plaster or printed grasscloth.

Best paints for exterior walls in India :

Berger walmasta antifungal exterior wall paint: Wallmasta is an antifungal emulsion water-based paint that inhibits the growth of fungus or algae and is less costly than cement paint. The price of this product is Rs.133 / litre and it is an excellent option for a matte appearance, stain and fracture resistance, and ease of drying.

Apex Altima weatherproof Asian paint: This paint is based on binder technology that helps to retain the colours for a longer time. It is an excellent investment as it has antialgal properties and is one of the most readily available washable paints on the market. It protects the walls from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the price of this paint is Rs.4000 which comes with a seven-year warranty.

Paint emulsion Nerolac: This paint helps to bridge the cracks and enhances the life of the paint. Also, it withstands the adverse weather conditions of India and the painting price is Rs.4200 / bucket. This is an excellent option for outdoor walls as it gives a smooth flawless sheen finish along with durability.

Dulux Weathershield max: This is an amazing product that gives high-performance protection to the walls from fungus, bacteria, cracks, etc., This paint is powered by an anti-guard technology that protects your house constantly from environmental factors. The price of this product is Rs. 304 / litre. This gives an anti-colour fading and 2X complete protection.

Nippon exterior paint: This comes in excellent packaging, superior quality, durable, and budget-friendly with shine and protection. The price of the paint bucket is Rs. 1540 / bucket. It gives a protective layer to the wall and lasts for 18 months.

Dr.Fixit Raincoat: This paint provides an acrylic elastomeric coating that best suits even in high rainfall regions. It is priced at Rs.3060 and has 10 years warranty that reminds sturdy. It is a good investment to choose this paint as it is both waterproof and long-lasting to protect your exterior walls.

Berger weather coat anti-dust paint: This paint gives complete protection against bad weather conditions like heat, rain, dust, etc., and is the best waterproof paint for outside walls. It gives a fresh finish to the outside walls as the paint is sturdy, and high-quality, and comes with a five-year warranty. The price of this exterior paint is Rs.240/- per litre.

Indigo exterior emulsion paint: This paint protects your home from harmful UV rays and provides beautiful features to your home. The price of this product is Rs.560. It is antialgal and antifungal, that protects your home from environmental factors.

Always the best exterior paint should be last lasting, odourless, and not hazardous to both the environment as well as for your health. So, seek the help of our professionals who can wisely invest in materials and labour for the best finishing result.

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