10 major reasons why your wall paint is peeling off according to the painting experts and waterproofing experts.

Peeling paint is the first thing that people notice in their living space. It makes the home unappealing, feels old and outdated. It also turns a beautiful home into an unsanitary mess and even causes health issues to the occupants irritating their eyes and lungs due to the paint dust.

Paint can start to peel a few days to many years after applying a fresh coat of paint. It is common on drywall and old plaster ceilings, but you can also notice it along with the window frames, wooden decks, trims, bathrooms, sidings and so on. According to the painting experts, the peeling, bulging or cracking of paint occurs when there is a loss of adhesion between the paint and surfaces it is painted on. This can happen due to many reasons as follows :

Paint Peel Of Due To Water:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

Water is the primary cause of peeling paint on bathroom walls and ceilings and interior and exterior walls. It penetrates through the coats of paint, separates the layers and detaches it slowly from the painted surface. This finally results in bulging, cracking and peeling of paint. Even if the water damages are not visible, the moisture could still create a mess. Bathrooms at home are one of the major places to look for the water source but there may be other sources like water splashes, a leaky roof, water penetration, clogged gutter etc.,

Paint Peel Of Due To Condensation And Humidity:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

In a poorly ventilated building, the humidity causes moisture buildup on the walls and ceilings. It then leads to blistering and bulging of paint. On the other hand, condensation brings dampness on the walls leading to mould and mildew growth. These fungi lift the paint and flake it off from the surface. This happens often during and after the rainstorm which also ruins the fresh coat of paint.

Paint Peel Of Due To Bathroom Leakages:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

Bathroom leakages are the common concern of most of the residents living in buildings. It may be due to poor plumbing, pipe/tap leaks, corroded pipes, clogged drains and the failure of the waterproofing membrane. This creates a high humidity and moisture that gets in between the paint layer and the surface underneath. Eventually, peeling off paint occurs. Bathroom leakages in the upper floor cause peeling off paint in the lower floor ceilings. So, the leakages have to be fixed immediately to avoid further damage to the building. There are different types of waterproofing issues that may be present in your home besides bathroom leakages that may be causing paint peel of in your home.

Paint Peel Of Due To Poor / Dirty Surface Preparation:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

Inadequate cleaning of the surfaces before painting will also cause the paints to peel off easily. The walls which have dirt, grease, oil, dust or moulds will have low adhesiveness to wooden, metallic or concrete surfaces. The other factors such as an uneven or unprimed surface, incomplete joint compounds and improperly placed seam tapes can also hinder the paint from sticking properly towards the wall. So always make sure to wipe the surface clean and even before painting the surface.

Paint Peel Of Due To Incompatible Paint Layers:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

When using paint incompatible with the surface, peeling off paint occurs often. The new or fully cured wood and smooth or glossy surfaces also have some incompatibility problems with some paints. This makes the surface unable to form a mechanical adhesion and the paint flakes off immediately.

Paint Peel Of Due To Low Quality / Expired Paint Brands:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

The painting experts believe that the inferior paint brands will fail easily leading to cracks, peel off, wet spots and bulges of paint on walls. Sometimes, the expired paints will not give the same performance abilities which affect the adhesion to the surface. The improper storage of paints will affect its texture while applying it to the surface. So, always research the paint before buying and get the best for a better outcome.

Paint Peel Of Due To Using Different Types Of Paint On The Same Surface:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

If the different types of paint are applied on the same surface, they do not bond together well. so the peeling off paint occurs. For example, when the latex-based paint is used to cover the previous oil-based paint, then the paint peels off from the surface due to poor adhesion. But, it is fine to paint the wall first with latex-based paint followed by oil-based paint, where the adhesion will be better.

Paint Peel Of Due To Too Many Paint Layers:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

If many layers of paint are applied to the walls or ceilings, the weight of the paint can cause stress and the gravity pulls them down and peels off easily. Using the wrong paint or primer and poor application methods also affects the painted surface.

Paint Peel Of Due To Excessive Dryness:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

Excessive dryness happens to the wall surface when it is exposed to high temperatures and intense sunlight. During the high temperatures, the paint dries faster preventing the layers from forming strong bonds. When exposed to intense UV light, the walls are more vulnerable to cracking of paints because the adhesive bonds become weaker as both latex and elastic paints expand and contract.

Paint Peel Of Due To Ageing Factor:

Paint peel off due to water leakage

Any paint will not last forever. So there is a possibility of simply ageing that the peeling of paint occurs.

To protect the paint peeling off from walls and ceilings, we need to protect the paint surfaces from water, humidity and moisture. So first, the sources of leakages have to be identified with the help of professional waterproofing experts and have to be fixed immediately. Then, we need to properly waterproof it using the right application methods to last longer.

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