Have you noticed Black Moulds seen on your ceiling or side wall?

Mould, Wall Dampness & Paint peel off are now a common problem for House owners. The situation becomes drastic especially during Monsoon as well as colder seasons. The common causes of Moulds are either building defects or by condensation. Moulds can be easily seen on our Walls, furnishing, and clothes once dampness is present for a prolonged period of time.

Ignoring moulds can seriously affect yours as well as the building health. It can lead to respiratory issues, skin problems, and headaches. Several researchers have found that sleeping or dwelling in a room with moulds increased the likelihood of developing asthma.

How and Why Mould Grows on Walls?

The most common causes of Wall dampness, Moulds etc are humidity, condensation and water leaks (which are often hidden inside the wall). Humidity has a primary role in wall moulds, if you are living in a Humid area your house is prone to wall dampness or moulds, In such cases, you can use Dehumidifier which helps to an extent.
Condensation forms when water vapour in the air meets cold surfaces and cools to become liquid. walls are often colder because of cool outdoor air on the other side. Due to poor ventilation, poorly insulated rooms, Excessive moisture in the air from gas heaters, drying clothes indoors etc can trigger condensation.
Leaking pipes near or inside of walls are a common cause of mould. If there's a leaking pipe inside a wall cavity then mould will usually be well and truly set in before it's discovered.

What is the Solution for Wall Dampness & Moulds?

The solution is simply to find the root cause of the wall leakage or dampness or Moulds. Painting or applying some water proofing chemicals on the affected area won't solve the problem, it will still pop up after some months. So it's essential to fix the root cause. There are many scientific approaches to find the areas which held excessive moisture, Identifying those areas helps us to effectively tackle these mould issues. As we discussed above the high moisture content, water leaks are all factors for these Wall paint peel off or wall dampness.
The ideal approach to identify the root cause is by conducting a Thermographic survey. A Thermographic survey is a collection of photographs taken by a Thermographic camera which shows the temperature of the building as well as areas of the building having water content or concentration. Infrared cameras are a powerful tool that spots hidden water damage before extensive damage occurs. It helps professionals in the restoration process by tracking down the source of water or humidity. , Thermal imaging cameras identify very small differences in temperature on the surface of different materials, walls, on concretes, roofs etc highlighting the warmer and the colder surface areas providing evidence of where the leak is originating.
So you need a Waterproofing or Water tightening professionals to fix this problem. we Wet2Dry Solutions have an experience of over 15 years in tackling Dampness, Leakage, seepage issues. We use scientific technologies like Thermographic survey, Walabot DIY (Look Inside Your Walls), Impactor (Remove accumulate water from the floor) and Quick Wall Dryer etc. So contact the Best Waterproofing contractors in Pune, Mumbai now.