Why waterproofing maintenance services are important for your home ?

Buying or renting a new place is an enjoyable moment that fills us with excitement and anticipation. Despite the fact that we have requirement checklists such as budget, size, location, transport access, etc., do you overlook one more important aspect of living a healthy and a peaceful life? Yes. You should also check to see if the living space is waterproofed or not.

Sometimes we wonder why the construction experts always suggests waterproofing solutions to be done at a time of constructing a new home or renovating the building. This is because, they consider it as the foundation of the building as it keeps everything stable and protected over a long run.

So waterproofing is a method or a process that helps to prevent the water penetration into your house using waterpoofing chemicals. This ensures to keep your house dry from roof to basement and completely protects the building from water damages. In areas with high annual rainfall, occasional floods and where the ground water table is high, waterproofing is a must.

The best way to prevent the water damages in residential/ commercial / industrial buildings is to have a great waterproofing maintenance plan. This plan has various check points to ensure the proper installation and secured structural foundation. The services involve both the structural and the chemical treatment that prevents liquid from entering the key surfaces like concrete and wood.

Terrace waterproofing

The application of the waterproofing membranes are labor-intensive and needs skilled people to do it perfectly. According to the recent statistics, the poor workmanship alone constitutes nearly 90% of all the waterproofing membrane failures. Can you believe it? Yes.

The top reasons why a building needs waterproofing maintenance services are mentioned below.

  • Waterproofing ensures the healthier home environment for your family by preventing the growth of molds. Around 6-10% of the general population are affected to mold spores that cause allergic reactions, fungal infections, wheezing, skin problems, asthma and more.
  • It helps to ensure the building’s long life and avoids the foundation risk spalling caused by the water penetration into the concrete surfaces.
  • Waterproofing improves the life of interior work and furniture by reducing the moisturecontent from entering your space and keeping it dry.
  • It helps to improve the structural durability by avoiding the dampness and deterioration of the building elements from water penetration.
  • It helps to increase the property value up to 25% as the waterproofing maintenance services which are done periodically ensures the overall protection.
  • These waterproofing maintenance services helps to save a good amount of money in a long-term by reducing the cost of frequent repairs due to water damages.
  • Waterproofing helps in energy savings by 10-15%, by lowering the overall heating and cooling cost.
  • Overall, it protects the well-being of the owners by avoiding the stress caused by the effects of water damages.
  • Overall, it protects the well-being of the owners by avoiding the stress caused by the effects of water damages.

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According to a recent survey in 2023 by waterproofing systems market, it is forecasted that the need for waterproofing will increase 6.07% by 2028. Just as every building need a proper layout, its necessary to hire the right waterproofing company for your protection. The qualities that you have to look for in a waterproofing company are, the professionals should be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, good reputation, excellent customer reviews, porfolio of works, and clearly outlined proposal.

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One of the trusted waterproofing companies in Pune are Wet2Dry solutions Ltd, who provide waterproofing and water tightening services all over Pune from 2010. Their excellent workmanship, quality products and dedicated service solves the problem of water seepage, leakages, wall dampness, etc., and earned more than 1000’s of clients nationwide.

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If some people are good to go with DIY options, then depending upon the level of water damage or the owners preference the waterproofing products are chosen and can be installed. To prolong the lifespan of the building there are effective products in the market that reduces your expensive repairs in one go. Dr. Fixit offers a wide range of innovative construction chemicals for both renovation and new construction to serve its purpose effectively. Their unique products for roof, internal walls, external walls, bathroom, etc., solves the water problems in an efficient way.

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The beauty of the home is ruined by the most common causes of water damages like damp walls, cracks, leaks, and patches. Asian paints waterproofing solutions ensures to resolve these issues for bathrooms, tiles, terrace, tanks, interiors, cracks and leaks. So the unwanted water seepages and leakages are fixed and it keep the place dry, safe and pretty . Pidilite products also offers a comprehensive solution for a durable construction as it addresses the surfaces like wet areas, water bodies, roofs, external walls, basements etc.

Though a wide range of products from different brands are available in the market, only professionals with multiple years of experience can choose the right product for the outstanding results. So, Waterproofing a building has become one of the most critical things that has to be done before it’s too late. Also, make sure to choose the best firm for waterproofing for a long time comfort and happiness.