Why Is My Upstairs Bathroom Leaking Through The Ceiling?

Water Leaks in Multi storage building is now becoming a common problems among the apartments, houses etc. If you have a bathroom on your second floor or upper floor, there is a high chance you will be facing with leakage problems or leakage stains if there is any leaking pipes or seepage through tile grout. These types of leakage issues causes corrosion problems in private residential and commercial multi-storey buildings along with a serious threat to hygiene.

One of the main reasons for leakage in bathrooms, toilets, and other wet areas is due to the wrong plumbing procedure, pipe leaks, sanitation and failure of waterproofing membrane. Symptoms such as water drippings, damp patches, paint peeling-off, rust stains on the ceiling indicate that the roof waterproofing system is not performing.

If the Bathroom waterproofing is not done correctly, every time when the floor becomes wet water penetrate through the bathroom floor and into your downstairs ceiling. These water can also flow and be drawn along or through many building materials due to capillary action, and due to this water can travel a long distance, it's possible to find water stains on the ceiling farther away from the leakage source. A ceiling leak can also be caused due to leaks in the water supply lines that attach to the toilet or to the sink trap. Leak may be occurring through the line joints. The Leak can also be due to drain pipes. Drain pipe leaks are those that appear and disappear across your ceiling.

Effective professional approach is needed to permanently solve Water leakage in bathrooms, walls etc. Effective tackling of the leakage source should be implemented. Finding the source of leakage can be really tricky as if it is due to a small leakage of pipe inside the wall etc then it would be difficult to find the cause. Even when you call a plumber / painter they will only apply some waterproofing chemicals which will fix the issue only for 2- 3 months and you will be facing the problem again. A roofer, plumber or painter can attempt to fix the apparent location of a leak but it could be coming from the opposite side of the roof. The actual leak you see inside is where the path ends. This is why most of the leaks persist even after fixing as the root cause is not fixed. Ignoring these problems won't help as it will get worse over time causing more damage.

It is under this situation Thermographic images plays a huge role. Thermal imaging is a Non invasive method of identifying moisture problems in buildings, An infrared camera can see and measure heat differences in building materials on ceilings, walls and floors. Wet and moist areas are the places where the temperature commonly differs due to evaporative cooling, increased conductance or thermal capacitance. As per the Thermographic images the wet areas will appear relatively darker or lighter than the dry areas on an infrared picture, enabling us to locate them. Thus we can easily find the source of the leakage quickly and non-destructively, identifying the location and size of moisture damaged areas. After Identifying the source of the leak we will do moisture mapping and can find out the exact reason for the leakage, thereby finding a permanent solution for roof and bathroom leakage.

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Condensation forms when water vapour in the air meets cold surfaces and cools to become liquid. walls are often colder because of cool outdoor air on the other side. Due to poor ventilation, poorly insulated rooms, Excessive moisture in the air from gas heaters, drying clothes indoors etc can trigger condensation.

Leaking pipes near or inside of walls are a common cause of mould. If there's a leaking pipe inside a wall cavity then mould will usually be well and truly set in before it's discovered. Also checkout the list of some of the leading waterproofing companies in Bangalore.

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