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Building your customized dream home will be one of the most exciting events in your lifetime. It establishes a primary connection between you and the rest of the world. Homeowners put a lot of effort into building their dream home, but some fail to take good care of it. Yes. Home maintenance is an essential aspect to keep the house in good working condition for the long run especially ceiling waterproofing is a pioneer part of home maintenance.

Have you noticed a stain or discoloration on your ceiling? Sometimes it's easy to assume that roof leaks are the causes of ceiling leakages, but this is not always the case. Whether the leakage is big or small, it is pretty dangerous as it affects the structural stability and paves the way for mold and mildew growth. So before it's too late, you have to identify the source of the ceiling leaks, which is problematic. Finding the exact source will ultimately reduce the repair work and the cost associated with it.

What causes ceiling leakage?

1. Dripping or leaking water pipes: The plumbing pipes are often placed in the attic and may leak or accumulate condensation, causing the water to drip. This makes a stain on the ceiling, which was often misdiagnosed as a roof leak.

2. Condensation inside your home: If the house is not adequately ventilated or insulated, the Condensation can build up in your house, causing moisture, particularly in the attic. The condensation also builds up if the whole house humidifier is set very high. To overcome this, we have to use the entire house humidifier just below 30%.

3. Clogged gutters and downspouts: During winter, the gutters and the downspouts can be easily clogged with debris, leaves, twigs, and dirt. So the water has no way to get outside but inside the home. Making sure these pipes are clear of debris at all times avoids ceiling leakage.

4. Leaking roof: If the top has any missing slates, racks, gaps, damaged siding, or poor attic insulation, then the ceiling spot or the leak will be worse after rainfall. This indicates that the roof has to be fixed immediately to prevent ceiling leakages.

5. Damaged roof flashings: Flashing is a thin material made of steel, which helps to direct the water away from the roof's vulnerable areas such as vents or chimneys. During storms or strong winds, these flashings will bend or break off, leading to water intrusion and ceiling leakage.

6. Upstairs toilet: In high-rise buildings, the neighbor's toilet directly above may be the cause of the ceiling leakages. Other homeowners also face more complicated ceiling leaks as they have roof attic and balconies.

7. Due to pests: The ceiling spaces are warm, dark, enclosed, and protected, serving as an ideal living place for many problems, especially mice, squirrels, bats, cockroaches, and carpenter ants. These pests can wreak havoc on your ceiling space by chewing electrical wires and damaging the building structures.

Based on the color of the water that leaks from the ceiling, you can say its exact cause. The several key factors are,

1.If the water leaking out is brownish or dirty with the residue and happens during or shortly after the rainfall, the cause may be due to the clogged gutters or leaky roof.

2.The leaking out is clear and happens constantly; it may be due to the broken plumbing system or pipes above the ceiling.

3. If the water leakage happens right below the bathroom, the reason will be more likely because the upstairs toilet ceiling waterproofing solutions are the answer to the problem.

Ceiling waterproofing Cost and Repairs Cost

On average, For plaster or drywall, the ceiling repair costs between INR 21,969/- to INR 87,878/-.

a) For small holes, dents, or hairline cracks, it costs between INR 7,323/- to INR 18,307/-, as it only requires the joint tape and spackle to repair the damage. A mess patch kit and a joint compound need to blend into the ceiling for small holes.

b) For medium or large holes, corners, seams, and joints, it varies between INR 14,646/- to INR 29,292/-. A replacement piece of sheetrock, furring strips for support, tape, and the joint compound is required to fix this.

c) For significant damages due to water leaks or replacement, it varies from INR 36,615/- to INR 14,6463/-. The leaks have to be repaired first, followed by patching the ceiling wall. If the water damage is worse, then the source of water damage is resolved first, and then a complete ceiling replacement has to be done.

Concrete ceilings won't crack easily. But if it happens, it indicates severe structural problems in the building and needs immediate attention. Usually, for chipped or cracked concrete, a quality epoxy waterproofing compound is used for sealing it. The prices may vary depending on the water damage caused by ceiling leakage and how the leak is located easily.

How to cure ceiling leakages?

Though some of the ceiling leakages can be fixed easily by the homeowner, some critical concerns like electrical outlets, plumbing network, slip and fall hazards, etc., are associated. So, it's always better to seek our ceiling waterproofing contractors because we use the latest technologies to identify the root cause of the leakages and apply suitable waterproofing methods according to the type of water leaks like waterproofing bathroom ceiling, waterproofing basement ceiling, deck ceiling waterproofing, waterproofing toilet ceiling, waterproofing ceiling tiles, waterproofing concrete ceiling, etc.

The ceiling leakage alerts every homeowner that it is an emergency to call for help. This is because it could result in injury, electrical shocks, pose health hazards, or cause severe property damage. So, always make sure to reach out to professional waterproofing contractors for the proper treatment and protect your dream home.

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