All you need to know about terrace waterproofing and the cost of terrace waterproofing in Bangalore.

Terrace waterproofing is a process of applying a protective layer of waterproofing membrane to prevent leakage from the terrace to the below floor. The membrane not only prevent water leakage from the terrace but also helps in preventing the formation of tiny fracture and tiny cracks on the surface in future.

Most often leakages happen on a terrace with a flat surface because a flat surface terrace lacks good slopes for proper water drainage. The water starts accumulating and seeps through the fractures present on a terrace. Hence waterproofing on a flat terrace is mandatory to prevent any leakages in future.

But slanting rooftops and terraces with good slopes tend to have a lower rate of leakage. But in this scenario too the chances of leakages happening is high. Terrace waterproofing helps ensures such kind of leakage will not happen in future for at least the next 8 years.

Materials used in waterproofing terrace floor.

There are lots of options available when coming to terrace waterproofing but some of the effective ones and the material used in the process are:

1) Material used in Liquid membrane terrace waterproofing.

Liquid waterproofing solutions

A liquid terrace waterproofing membrane is basically a rubber coating that uses a primer coat material. The coating is done with multiple top layer coating which is initially a liquid coating that turns into rubber form once cured.

2) Cementitious terrace waterproofing.

Cementious Waterproofing Solutions

It is a chemical-based special cement mixture of special additives like masonry, concrete, metals, PVC, HDPE, etc. Lots of waterproofing company offers cementitious waterproofing products but when choosing a brand that offers cementitious waterproofing products make sure you choose the products that are lump-free and easily soluble.

3) Bituminous Coating terrace waterproofing.

Bituminous Coating terrace waterproofing

Bituminous coating is a polymer-based (mostly acrylic or polyurethane) terrace waterproofing coating. In the waterproofing industry, it is also known as asphalt coating it is also used in the underground pipe out layer coating. But it has its negative as when it is exposed to sunlight it becomes fragile and brittle.

4) Bituminous Membrane terrace waterproofing.

Bituminous Membrane terrace waterproofing

The bituminous membrane is a composition of asphalt, filler, and polymers due to which it is self-adhesive in nature. The bituminous membrane is a black sticky sheat with the

  1. Upperlayer consisting of aluminium, slates, sand, talc, or polyethene foil.
  2. The second layer consists of the bituminous layer itself.
  3. The third layer is a reinforcement layer consisting of fibreglass, polyester and/or aluminium, etc.
  4. The fourth layer is again backed with a thick layer of bituminous compound.
  5. The final layer is an underlayer which is the fifth layer consisting of foil (torch layer) or removable film (fully self-adhered or strips).

5) Polyurethane Liquid Membrane terrace waterproofing.

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane terrace waterproofing

Polyurethane is a high Uv resistant membrane, with excellent adhesion to the substrate, high flexibility and high resistance. But it is unfortunately highly sensitive to moisture, so during the application, if the concreate is not 100% dry there will be severe damage to the coating in the long run. No specification on the material as the name itself says it is simply aliphatic polyurethane.

Cost of a waterproofing membrane for a terrace.

Cost of a waterproofing membrane for a terrace

Most of the rates for waterproofing membrane for a terrace mentioned in the above fall under Rs 70/- to Rs 80/- per square foot. These costs vary from time to time as the material and labour charge most of the changes during the offseason and on the season.

Rate of the terrace waterproofing in sq ft in Bangalore.

Rate of the terrace waterproofing in sq ft in Bangalore

Terrace waterproofing rates in Bangalore starts from Rs 70/- to Rs 80/- per square foot. There are cheaper terrace waterproofing providers too in Bangalore offering services from Rs 40/- to Rs 50/- but most of the time the coating don't last too long (coating life range of 1 yr to 2 yr).

How can we repair cracks in concrete roofs?

Repair cracks in concrete roofs

Cracks on concrete roofs are the most common things that happen on a building as the roof faces a harsh environment and temperature which makes the concrete of the roof expand.

The easiest way to repair a crack in concrete is to simply fill the cracks and apply a quality terrace waterproofing coating which prevents concrete expansion too. More on this is briefly explained in the Read more.

Is mosaic flooring a good option for a terrace?

Home paint color selection

Mosaic flooring is one of the least recommended options for a terrace from our side. Especially if it is done by an unprofessional and a not so experienced person. We get more than 300 plus enquiries a month for terrace leakage through tiles and terrace leakage through mosaic tiles. And most of them are tired of maintaining it yearly, some of them facing leakage issues just after 4 months of waterproofing. Mosaics on terrace looks good and pleasant our eyes but it comes with great cost and high maintenance.

Yeah, of course, it is doable and 100% leakages can be avoided if it is done by taking proper measures.

What is the best method for waterproofing for a terrace?

What is the best method for waterproofing for a terrace

The best method to waterproof a terrace is to first thoroughly clean the terrace and make sure that each and every crack present on the surface of the terrace is filled properly.

And the last step is to apply a quality terrace waterproofing coating we have written a more detailed article on this.