All you need to know about internal painting services

Painting is one of the beautiful ways to personalize your home that reflects your individuality. It’s a well-crafted piece of art that showcases your playfulness, love, memories, and happiness.

The internal painting services are necessary for every home as it helps to beautify your living space and makes you more comfortable and happy. Painting the interior walls help to remove the imperfections like cracks, molds, dents, wet spots, stains and protects them from future damages. Overall, it increases the value of your home and pays off with an excellent reselling price deal.

The interior paints are made to cover the inside of your home. The interior paint possesses some of the following characteristic:

  1. It is made to resist stains.
  2. It can be scrubbed clean without causing damage.
  3. Water-based paints can be used for internal painting work.
  4. The interior paints use organic pigments for color to avoid harsh chemicals.
  5. The level of VOC (Volatile organic chemicals) in the interior paint is low, as it causes health risks when it releases outgas inside the house.
  6. Usually, epoxy or silicone resins are used in interior paints without any additives.
  7. The cost of interior paints is more affordable as it doesn’t have many chemicals in it.

You have to choose the right painting contractor for your work as some refer to the base cost, some estimate the budget based on the Time the job will take and some bid for the lowest quote. So, it’s better to be aware of it to achieve cost-effective and quality paintwork.

Tips for finding the right internal painting contractors:

Compare multiple professionals that suit your requirements and budget. For impressive results, make sure they are trustworthy. Hire painting contractors who are experienced, skilled, licensed, and insured.

Painting contractors

Check the testimonials and online reviews to ensure their reputation for quality service. Make sure that painters have prior experience in waterproofing techniques to apply paints over the wall properly.

The platinum-rated internal painting services propose features like color consultation, Technical visit, covering and masking, basic safety and mechanical tools needed for painting, service and products warranty, work supervision, and space sanitation on completion of the painting.

The Process includes the following steps:

Home paint color selection

Step 1) Color Selection: If you have decided to paint the interior wall, the first step is to choose the color of your choice. You can replicate the same color on your wall by testing the old can of paint for reference. The paint store representative will help you identify the color, the type of paint, and the finish using some visual tools. You can also opt for the color consulting service to make a better decision.

Protecting painting area

Step 2 - Protect the area: You need to secure the items of your home before painting the walls. For that, protective plastic sheeting is used to cover the furniture, Antiques, and other appliances. The floor is also covered using the drop cloth to avoid the paint spilling.

Surface painting area

Step 3) Surface preparation: The interior walls must be inspected for any cracks, holes, stains, wet spots, blisters, etc. The trials and holes are fixed, the stains and the wet areas are sealed, and the blisters and peel-off paints are removed by scraping off with sandpaper to make an even surface. This is a crucial step as it creates a smooth and clean finish.

Painting services in Pune

Step 4) Application of New Paint: The repaired wall surface must be primed before applying the paint. Using premium quality paint ensures a uniform finish on the walls and ceilings. After painting the wall, you can choose any of the multiple finish options from flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, matte, or high gloss and complete the painting work.

Painting clean up servces in pune

Step 5) Clean Up: While the painted wall is getting dried up, the work area has to be cleaned thoroughly free from debris and dirt. The drop cloths and plastic coverings are removed, floors and carpets are cleaned, and everything is arranged in place.

painting inspection service

Step 6) Final inspection: The painted surface is inspected thoroughly to ensure a smooth and effective finish. Usually, the internal painting services last up to 7 years with proper maintenance.

The average cost of painting the house interiors:

Though the cost of painting the house depends on the quality of products used, the present condition of your home, and the type of surface you are painting, the interior painting cost varies from Rs. 12 to Rs. 35 per square foot. The new painting cost varies from Rs. 20 to Rs. 38 per square foot, and the repainting cost varies from Rs. 12 to Rs. 28 per square foot.

The Time taken for the internal painting services depends on the area and the nature of the job. Most of the experts finish the work quickly and efficiently. So, refresh your home with a fresh coat of interior paints and enjoy a sense of relaxation.