Why you should do Thermographic Survey before buying a Home?

An infrared thermal survey is a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a building. A Thermographic survey is a collection of photographs taken by a Thermographic camera which shows the temperature of the building as well as areas of the building having water content or concentration. High concentration of water in certain areas of your walls, ceiling etc caused wall dampness , wall leakage etc. Painting or plumbing wont solves such issues. A correct approach is to find the root cause and to fix it.
This can be done by Thermal imaging, it helps to capture information that are not visible to human eye. The image highlights the areas which are having more moisture.

Most of the people who bought flats or houses in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore etc are facing with these wall leakage issues. Most of the people are unaware of these problems and don't know how to approach a professional and rectify such issues. Majority of the flat owners are facing with these wall dampness, wall leakage, bathroom leakage problems, wall paint peel out problems etc.

So before buying a home you should check whether it is water proofed or it is water tightened. By conducting this survey you can find out earlier whether your house is prone to wall leakage problems.

We Wet2Dry Solutions has an experience of over 15 years in providing waterproofing services in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. we will find the root cause and helps to fix the problems permanently. We highly recommend doing the House quality inspection before buying a house or a flat. Homeowners or potential buyers with specific concerns, such as air or water leaks, flat roofs (which can cause moisture issues) or hot or cold spots, can benefit from a full infrared inspection.

On completion of our Leak Detection Survey we provide a fully comprehensive leak detection report including colour photographs and recommendations. We will then fix the root cause for the leakage problems.

We can help you to save your money by initially finding the root cause and fix it permanently.

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