Have you noticed Black Moulds seen on your ceiling or side wall?

Let it be your kitchen sink, wash basin or bathtub drain, clogged drain is one of the most common household problem experienced by everyone. Many used to leave it unattended. But have you ever given a though as these blocked drain can cause negative impacts to your house walls as well as cause serious health issues to the residents? Yes, it can!

Clogging of wash basin may lead to Mosquito breeding which leads to sickness and is not hygienic. When water become stagnant Bacteria starts to grow; mosquitoes use it as a breeding ground, and it might even smell as it collects all your soap and shampoo residue.
Let it be your home or anywhere, Stagnant water is the main reason for the increase of various water borne sickness like.

  • Malaria
  • Cholera
  • Shigellosis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Dengue fever
  • Typhoid Fever

Pause for a while and peep into your washbasin, it’s the place where we humans first visit early morning and night before we go to bed. Washbasin clogs is a suitable area for Mosquito breeding, so be careful with it.
The over flow hole seen just above the wash basin so called as Waste coupling ,is clogged sometimes and water is accumulated when the drain coupling gathers food particles, Dirt etc. You must keep the space beneath your sinks clear, free of damp and Clog free. If you tend to get leaks or spillages from your sink into the space below it, then mosquitoes will breed there as well. These types of clogs are ideal for Mosquito Breeding so you need to fix this immediately.

Similarly The wash basin connector also plays a big role in reducing these blocks or clogs. When we are connecting with proper connector, it will help to drain out all used water even through the overflow hole itself.

Because of wrong connector connected at the washbasin, the waste water flows through the overflow hole and it will collected at the hollow empty place inside the washbasin, and it will become a breading point of mosquitoes and bad smell at the washbasin. This will lead human to fall in diseases and unhygienic surrounding in our flat.
So be alert and keep a watch on your near and dear ones ,keep them miles away from such sicknesses, we call ourselves educated but tend to miss out on keeping our home and surroundings clean .
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