Is your Home Water Tightened? No? Then your house is prone to wall dampness

Water can do a great harm to your home, sometimes a steady trickle of rain may be a cause to make your wall wet and invites seepage issues, In order to keep your home dry whole year round, you should definitely think about Water tightening of your home.

Wall Leakage may be due to different causes like it may be due to stagnant water on your terrace, water leakage on your kitchen, Leakage from your bathroom, Internal pipe leakage etc. People do not have much knowledge of how to tackle such issues effectively, neither do the plumbers or the painters. The most common method followed by all these plumber / painters fix the areas displaying wall dampness / leakage/ wall paint peel off as they apply waterproofing chemicals on those areas and repaint the affected areas. THIS IS A COMMON MISTAKE!.

Applying waterproofing chemicals on the affected areas will only solve the issue temporarily & will pop up after some days or weeks. The actual leak will be detected where the path ends. This is why most of the leaks persist even after fixing as the root cause is not fixed. So finding the Root cause of the leakages and fixing is the method what we follow & provide is WATER TIGHTENING.

Water Tightening?

TLets simply explain with the help of a water bottle, if you have not tightened the cap properly, naturally, the opening of the bottle will leak, so what can we do? You will apply a little more strength to close the cap firmly; so that the leakage stops. Water tightening is the same process what we implement, with the help of a Thermographic Camera, we can find out the source of water leakage in your home and fixing the leakage source is called Water Tightening so that you will NEVER face the leakage problem again.
So now you can identify the difference between Water Proofing and Water Tightening? Yes, both are different techniques for fixing the leakage problem with waterproofing chemicals, whereas Water Tightening fixes the root cause. Simple waterproofing is not enough to prevent such wall leakages, the most effective way to prevent this is Water Tightening.

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