About our Founder

Titus Pereira was born and brought up in Southern India. A common trend of planting coconut trees and have watering systems in houses in the region gave boost to the plumbing services. Many engineers in his village worked in the chemical factory of Titanium Pvt. Ltd company which also utilised a large number of plumbers. Mr. Pereira also worked in the factory as a helper at quite young age. His observant and curious nature brought him to a point when decided to explore more possibilities in the area of plumbing and decided to take a professional education in the field.

After working in Titanium for 2 years, Mr. Pereira completed his ITI studies in plumbing. This gave him opportunities aboard and he shifted to Sultanate of Oman to work as a plumbing professional. After an year, he came back to India and set up a firm called “Everyday every maintenance” under which he started taking work in electrical, plumbing, motor winding, fabrication, waterproofing near me, waterproofing mumbai, waterproofing pune, waterproofing contractors in pune, waterproofing contractors in mumbai, waterproofing contractors pune, waterproofing.

While on one side, he was working to grow his organisation, his interest was developed in technical areas and he completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This got him a job in a Gulf based organisation in its MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing) division. He stayed in Gulf for 10 years working in various positions in the field. The newly gained knowledge and experience brought him back to his calling for an own business and this time, he set up his new firm “Hi Tech Professional Maintenance” in Pune delivering similar services as earlier including plumbing, electrical, fabrication and winding for domestic city needs

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Titus Pereira


His Approach in Quality Assurance

Titus Pereira had a unique way of working. Because of his interest in the field and his tendency to give his best to gain customer satisfaction, he monitored every plumbing and sanitation activity that was carried out by his people. While watching projects in execution, his vigilant eyes gave him opportunities to identify specific house challenges like seepage, leakage, wall dampness and wall paint peel out. He set out to find a unified solution for all these issues for which he spent years doing research. The result was discoveries of some methods that gave better solutions to his clients.

The word of mouth spread in the field of plumbing and soon it became his core. There was a need to modify his business name to suit the positioning that made the business strong. The name of the company was changed to “Wet2Dry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” which gave further boost to the company which started to grow fast domestically & waterproofing in pune, waterproofing in mumbai, waterproofing contractor in pune, waterproofing service in pune, waterproofing service pune, waterproofing service mumbai,

While on one side, the plumbers working for him were deliver best services to the clients, on the other side, Mr. Pereira was continuing with his research and experiments. His research skills, knowledge of technology and long years of experience gave rise to new ideas and inventions. A new concept of water tightening emerged that worked at the core of the problems identified by Mr. Pereira. As an outcome of scientific experiments done by Mr. Pereira, the company launched two new patented technology products - Hot Air Drier and Impactor.

Wet2Dry solutions Pvt. Ltd. today stands as a pioneer in the field of water tightening and provides latest technological solutions for plumbing and other house improvement needs.


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